The Media Freedom Coalition uses its platform to promote a range of critical media freedom issues at the global level, and in specific regions and countries, with a combination of public statements and private diplomatic interventions.

Through working with its advisory bodies and partners, including the Consultative Network and the High Level Panel of Legal Experts, the MFC identifies issues where the combined voice of MFC members has the potential to make an impact.

To date the MFC has advocated on a range of issues, via its statements and other actions, including the particular challenges faced by women journalists and media workers, the need for improved accountability when journalists are harmed or killed, and the way in which the COVID-19 pandemic, and associated public health measures, presented a new and concerning set of challenges for independent journalism.

The MFC also takes action on specific media freedom cases. Based on recommendations by civil society experts in the Consultative Network, the MFC raises individual cases and situations where individuals practicing journalism, as well as media organisations, have come under threat.

The MFC can then take a range of actions in these cases, which may be public or private. The approach varies from one case to the next and depends on the context in question, although the MFC always applies a “do no harm” approach to assessing any proposed interventions.

The MFC solely considers cases that have been submitted by the Consultative Network and MFC member states. The MFC is not able to consider cases that are sent directly to the MFC or the MFC Secretariat.

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