Engaging with the Consultative Network

The Media Freedom Coalition’s Consultative Network (CN) invites Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), including academia and news organizations to join its Broader CSO List to contribute to the objectives of the Network that include presenting cases of attacks against journalists and of concern on the situation of media freedom in a country to the MFC, offering advice on present and future issues of press freedom and media development, monitoring the work of the Coalition and holding it to account.

The broader grouping of organizations, referred as the “Broader CSO List” is made up of the following types of organizations:

  • Civil society organizations independent from governments and with a clear mandate for the defense of media freedom
  • News organizations independent from governments which have made the promotion of media freedom a core aspect of their journalistic activities
  • Academic institutions active in the field of journalism and with a clear commitment to the promotion of media freedom

Process to join the Broader CSO List

Organizations having the aforementioned mandate can reach out to any CN member stating their interest in joining the list and demonstrating how they can contribute towards the attainment of the CN’s objectives. CN members can also extend invitations to join the List to their members, partner organizations and constituencies, as they deem relevant. Particular attention will be given to geographic distribution while selecting new CSO members.

Requests for admission to the CSO List must be endorsed by at least one member of the CN and include the following information:

  • Name of the Organization
  • Contact Details of the Focal Person
  • Geographic Focus
  • Thematic Focus
  • A couple of paragraphs explaining the relevant experience of the organization and how it would contribute to the MFC mechanism

Following the periodic submission of the list of potential new members, CN members will have one week to express concerns about any proposed new members. Final admission to the Broader CSO List will require that CN members explicitly in favor of the inclusion outnumber those explicitly against it.

The entire list of CSO members will be revised by all CN members once a year. As part of this process, each CSO member will:

  • Identify organizations whose participation in the Broader CSO List raise concerns
  • Seek to fill geographic gaps
  • Update outdated contacts, if possible

Communications and Contributions

On joining the List, the CN Co-chairs will communicate to the new member(s) about the process to contribute in CN and MFC actions, including case submission, items for the MFC’s newsletter, and participation in events and activities.