Global Media Defence Fund

MFC members initiated, and continue to support, the Global Media Defence Fund administered by UNESCO.

The fund supports not-for-profit organizations from all around the globe in the implementation of local, regional, and global projects that seek to bolster journalists’ legal protection and enhance media freedom through relevant investigative journalism and/or strategic litigation.

The GMDF is established as a Multi-Partner Trust Fund established within the framework of the Global Campaign for Media Freedom and under the overall umbrella of the UN Plan of Action on the Safety of Journalists and the Issue of Impunity.

Key numbers

As of early 2023: 

  • $4 million committed to nearly 120 projects
  • Projects have directly benefitted over 3000 journalists1000 lawyers and 120 civil society organisations
  • Projects have support over 150 investigations of crimes against journalists and 70 instances of strategic litigation

There is more information on the Global Media Defence Fund, including dates of recent or upcoming calls for partnerships, at the UNESCO website.

Contributing countries

The following countries have pledged a contribution to the Global Media Defence Fund
Australia:AUD 100 000
Austria:EUR 10 000
Canada:CAD 3 000 000
Cyprus:EUR 20 000
Czech Republic:USD 52 331
Estonia:EUR 60 000
France:EUR 315 000
Germany:EUR 300 000
Japan:USD 100 000
Latvia:EUR 10 000
LuxembourgEUR 20 000
New ZealandNZ 250 000
SerbiaEUR 30 000
SlovakiaEUR 40 000
SwitzerlandUSD 249 965
United KingdomGBP 3 185 000
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