MFC Structure

The Media Freedom Coalition is a partnership of countries that works closely with a set of advisory and consultative bodies, partners, and the MFC Secretariat in order to carry out the Coalition’s work.

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The member countries

The MFC is led by two rotating co-chairs, while a larger Executive Group provides strategic direction. Members leverage both central government and diplomatic missions in order to achieve the MFC’s goals.

The Consultative Network

The Consultative Network is a group of 22 organisations that provides advice to the MFC and highlights cases that it believes require state intervention. The Consultative Network also plays an important role in ensuring the priorities of journalists and media workers from around the world are incorporated in the MFC’s decision-making. 

The High Level Panel of Legal Experts on Media Freedom

The High Level Panel of Legal Experts on Media Freedom provides advice and recommendations to MFC members and partners to promote and protect a vibrant free press.


UNESCO administers the Global Media Defence Fund and participates in MFC discussions as an observer.

The Working Group on Media Development

The Working Group on Media Development ensures that the MFC’s work on media freedom incorporates issues relating to media development, such as the skills and capacities of media outlets and their financial viability.

The MFC Secretariat

The MFC Secretariat provides administrative support to the Co-chairs and wider coalition. The Secretariat is currently hosted by the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

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