The Media Freedom Coalition - Consultative Network (MFC-CN), created in January 2020, is a group of national, regional and international organisations that in collaboration with a much broader set of civil society groups, voluntarily provides advice to the MFC on the work of the MFC and facilitates selection of cases that it believes require State intervention.

The MFC-CN key objectives are:

  • To present cases to the MFC for action - both cases of concern in countries where media freedom is at particular risk and cases of individual journalists or media outlets under threat. This includes sharing information on the situation and providing recommendations on what the MFC can do to address it

  • To offer advice on present and future issues within media freedom and media development, including speaking at MFC events to share the CN’s views to MFC members and channeling suggestions from CSOs, media, journalists’ associations, etc. on themes and actors to be part of events and initiatives organised by the MFC

  • To monitor the work of the coalition and provide inputs to the day-to-day and strategic work of the MFC