Media Freedom Coalition’s Co-Chairs’ Statement on the Membership of Sudan

Estonia and the Netherlands, as co-chairs of the Media Freedom Coalition (MFC), give notice that, effective today, Sudan has been removed as a member of the MFC. This decision was taken in consultation with the MFC membership and as per the Coalition’s Terms of Reference.

Sudan became a member country of the MFC in February 2020, when the former government of Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok committed to the Global Pledge on Media Freedom. All MFC member countries have committed to respect and uphold the Global Pledge, and are held accountable by other members if they fail to do so.

It is clear to the MFC that the situation of media freedom in Sudan is, unfortunately, no longer in line with the Global Pledge. The vast majority of the media in Sudan has stopped working, as journalists and media workers face increasing violence, threats and targeted attacks on a daily basis. Furthermore, Internet and telecommunication services have regularly been disrupted, curtailing freedom of opinion and expression and the free flow of information. 

The MFC will continue to closely monitor the media freedom situation in Sudan and reaffirms the commitment of members to the principles outlined in the Global Pledge on Media Freedom.

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